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Edinburgh, a City of Time Itself
Edinburgh is a city with layers of history. Stories upon stories walk these cobblestone lanes and hide like ghosts within the shadow of medieval closes. This is a city where kings rose and fell, where heroes fought for freedom and … Continue reading →

Edinburgh: More than just Haggis, Especially at Night
Edinburgh?s hidden nightlife happens in the narrow streets and low-lying wynds of the city. You just need to start walking and look out for such places; even though they can be difficult to find, they do exist. The revellers circulate … Continue reading →

Citytravelreview 2019
Wir präsentieren unsere neuen Projekte in der Universität von Nottingham. Dank an die Uni sowie an die Studierenden für die Neugier und die Begeisterung. Team Citytravelreview/Curso

Edinburgh April 2017
Fun, new friends, history, whisky, castles, pubs, tours, live music, fantastic views ? oh my! Where completely strangers become friends with a glass of whiskey in hand ? this is CTR in Edinburgh. Not even the Scottish weather pranks could … Continue reading →

The Berlin Bunch: After Dark
Berlin?s nightlife is an ever-changing beast, with countless ways to experience and enjoy it. As such some sort of comprehensive list of places just isn?t feasible. You can have as chilled or as crazy a night as you wish – … Continue reading →

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