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General Statement of scouts of Canada
The Scout Association of Canada, its representatives, its members and its members have acknowledged at the Annual General Meeting of April 9, 2006:What the Scout Law, the Method, Fundamentals and Scout values are central to each of its shares;It is everyone's duty to provide Scouting to all young Canadian Francophones (Francophiles) old enough to join;That Scouting is a youth movement, it is to them that Scouting's educational proposal addresses (World Conference 1993);Scouting a renewed and adapted to today's society contribute more to the personal development of each;What the young must be central concerns of adults who do so to the young at heart of decision making;It is essential to apply the principles of accessibility and positive communication in its actions.

Mission of scouts of Canada
We must first know that in 1999 the World Scout Conference adopted a Declaration of Mission of Scouting. She then invited each national organization to draw on this statement to make his own mission. That's what the Scout Association of Canada made in 2000 when its General Assembly adopted the mission statement that follows, accompanied by an educational proposal.The Scouts Canada offers young Canadians and young Canadians an original program designed to make them responsible for themselves and autonomous, capable of playing a useful role in society. This program also leads them to live their faith and develop their culture in an open and respectful of others.Educational proposal scouts of Canada The Association wants to teach young people to engage and to be faithful to their commitment, according to humanitarian values essential to ensure peace and solidarity among human beings. This means that young people coming out of their experience in Scouting, will be able to: * TO RESPECT AND DIGNITY TO BEHAVE; * RESPECT OF EACH HUMAN BEING WITHOUT DISCRIMINATIONl; * Or prejudice; * PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT; * TO REJECT ANY FORM OF VIOLENCE; * TO ACT IN CONSUMER RESPONSE; * TO PARTICIPATE IN DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR COMMUNITY.

Origin of scouts of Canada in Quebec
In 1910 that was born in Ottawa the first French unit scout. Later, after the 1925 Scout units based in Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, St-Hyacinthe, Sherbrooke, Nicolet. In December 1934 at the request of the Bishops of Quebec, Cardinal Jean-Marie Rodrigue Villeneuve, Archvêque of Quebec and primate of the Canadian church sends a request for membership in the Boy Scouts of Canada on behalf of the Federation of Catholic Scouts the province of Quebec. The official signing of the agreement is April 10, 1935 Robert Baden Powell and countersigned the agreement during his visit to Canada two weeks later. Founded in 1961, Scouts Canada has more than 24,000 youth members and adult French-speaking Canada. It is open to anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. True to the philosophy of the World Scout Movement, the program includes eight educational proposals for five age groups. The activities can be experienced in homogeneous unit boys, girls or homogeneous unit mixed unit. This program covers the full development of the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The project method is preferred which allows young people to take up more and more as they progress in the movement.

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