Attack The King - A Complete Chess

Strategic Chess: Mastering The Closed Game - Edmar Mednis
White Noise   Strategic Chess. Mastering The Closed Game    This book is highly instructional. It covers all the major openings that White faces when starting out with d4 with a minimum of one game per opening line and a maximum of three. It covers the strategies and themes of the openings, along with deeply annotated games move by move showing strategies for both the white and black

Byron Jacobs - Trends In Caro-Kann Advance
White Noise   Byron Jacobs - Trends In Caro-Kann Advance Byron Jacobs Trends in Caro-Kann Advance "Trends features  one  hundred  important  recent  games. An   invaluable  learning  tool  for  the  beginner,  club  or  tournament  player  and  a  complete  reference  file  for  the  expert." Though not up-to-date, the Trends Series books serve as good foundation for building a

Download First steps in Defence - Andrew Martin ( Full DVD ) | Chessbase Fritz Trainer
This new series ?First Steps?? is aimed at chess players below 2000 ELO points.. The idea of the series is to provide a basic grounding in a variety of subjects, which will assist general all-round improvement. In ?First Steps in Defence?, Andrew Martin treats the viewer to a selection of classic games and lays out a foundation course in the art of defending. Key thinking points

Download Tactics - from Basics to Brilliance Vol. 2 - Valeri Lilov (Full DVD) | Chessbase Fritz Trainer
White Noise Tactics! Once again, this is what you need to become a really good player? fast! In this second volume of his DVD series on tactics, FM Valeri Lilov focuses entirely on combinations. Here you can find everything you need to know about identifying and executing sound combinations in your very own games! You do not need to ?create? combinations any more, as they

Download Chess Expertise Step by Step Vol. 3: Rook Handling - Efstratios Grivas (Full DVD) | Chessbase Fritz Trainer
Rook handling and generally speaking endings constitute one of the most fascinating elements in chess. Rich in both tactical and strategic possibilities, they offer us the opportunity to marvel at its endless creative potential and unique ideas. Of all chess endings (pawn, queen, rook, bishop and knight), rook endings are the ones encountered most frequently. Like all aspects of chess

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