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Auschwitz ? how to visit?
The Auschwitz concentration camp is a place that every Pole probably associates. It is an integral and huge part of our nation’s history, which each of us should visit at least once in our lives to learn more about the past! However, this kind of trip requires proper preparation. Location of the camp If we […]

Best Activities to do in Hawaii
Aloha! Welcome to one of the most beautiful and exciting holiday destinations in the world. The six islands of Hawaii promise to give you unending activities that will only leave you spoilt for choice. Hawaii is one of the most visited holiday destinations by Americans but a quick look at some of its attributes will […]

Most Affordable Neighborhoods to live in Mississauga
Long gone are the days when Mississauga was a quiet city in Ontario. But, things have changed a lot as the city has been at the center of several redevelopments. Consequently, getting a place to live in Mississauga has become way more expensive than before. However, that doesn’t mean that a house or condo on […]

Things to consider when choosing an all-inclusive vacation resort
All-inclusive vacation resorts, popular in the Caribbean and other hot destinations, can be a wonderful way to have an glorious, no-stress getaway. I’ve had my own time laying on the beach of Cartagena, sipping an unlimited supply of margaritas while taking tours and enjoying good food without having to constantly dig into my pocket for […]

Best San Francisco Beaches
San Francisco may not be as sunny or as warm as its sister city in Southern California, but the City by the Bay also has its share of beautiful beaches. Some are great for a picnic or barbeque and command spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge; other beaches invite you to wade into the […]

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