Keeping Windows Media Player and Video Updated
Typically you would be hard pressed to find a PC computer that does not already have some form of Windows Media Player or WMP or any other variant already installed. However, what some consumers don’t always realize when they get these things fresh out of the box is that new things are being developed for [...]

Technical Description of Windows Media Audio (WMA)
Windows Media Audio, or WMA as it is known in the short hand form, is a form of audio that can be played on windows computers and other computers as well. It is the type of audio format that is associated with Windows Media Player. That is the program that is used by default in [...]

Managing Delivery of On-Demand Digital Media Content
In the dark ages of media technology, viewers were at the mercy of a handful of networks, delivering their entertainment via a black and white television set sporting rabbit ears. Thanks to advances in the evolution of media deliery systems, we are able to chose what we will watch and when we will watch it. [...]

Managing Delivery of Live Media Content
If you are putting out live media on the web, or creating a live piece for a particular audience, you have to make sure that time management, and quality are on point, in order to get the best piece, and to get the best feedback from your audience as well. You will find that when [...]

Streaming Media Services: What You Can Expect
Many streaming services will charge for the content they provide because of the royalties that they will have to pay to the content providers. You should look for a service that offers the kind of content you want to watch. Many streaming services will try to astound you with a lot of available content but [...]

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