Travel more often?
Now that I am back from London and Berlin I want to wish you all a great New Year 2013! ? During my travel I have experienced that creativity is actually all around. I’ve seen so many inspiring places, buildings, art and met so many interesting people. Art, architecture, fashion, sceneries, street musicians, beautiful landscapes…creativity and […]

Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! ?

Greetings from London
I have made myself recently a little bit rare here (sorry for that!), because I am a the moment in London and Christmas is coming closer. But actually there has been falling something very interesting into my hands in London today. ? This book (with the provocating title) by Austin Kleon is answering the question about how to […]

Inspirational Monday: OverBlog
Bloggers read carefully now: A new blogging platform is causing sensation in the net and not without reason: OverBlog is a promising new host to share and upload your content to (similar to Facebook). The clue is that OverBlog is focusing on blogs and actually offering bloggers visibility and transparence by collecting blog posts from all […]

A few words about failure
After I have received a totally desperate call of one of my friends today, who has had to go through some very unpleasant hardships recently, here a few words about failure. This does not just concern freelancers, but in my opinion anyone who has once already taken a risk and lost the game: Don’t see failure as a […]

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