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Ultra Europe 2018 Aftermovie
Back in 2017 summer, I attended Ultra Europe music festival in Split, Croatia. I was inspired by the 2016 aftermovie and in all it?s glory, the 2018 one is even better! Made by production team FinalKid, the movie is as much a tourism video as it is for the music festival. The location is unbeatable, set alongside the idyllic Dalmatian coast of Croatia. The city of Split is as historic as it is beautiful, and also played host to a number of scenes in Game of Thrones! Whilst the movie captures the beauty of Croatia?s coastline, it also entices you into the huge excitement the festival brings, something I can attest is not just for show! The international presence and culture is also evident and just makes me want to return next year. If you ever get chance, attend this festival! For now, just enjoy it from your couch!December 9th 2018 

KYGO Releases Stunning Music Video For ?Happy Now?
Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, or KYGO as he?s better known in the music world has achieved great chart success with his latest single ?Happy Now? featuring Sandro Cavazza. The euphoric hit features powerful melodies and positive sounding chord patterns. The popularity of this song has increased even more following the release of the music video. KYGO comes from Oslo, Norway, a place known for it?s natural beauty and stunning scenery. He mentioned on his Instagram ?Friends and family are what inspire me. I really wanted to make a video filmed in my hometown and around Norway showing where I get my inspiration!? The video is a mixture of shots of family, flashbacks to childhood and incredible scenic shots around Norway. It is filmed expertly and matches the song to a tee. Check it out and tell me you don?t instantly fall in love with Norway!December 8th 2018

I Filmed Markus Schulz at WORLD!
It?s long been a dream of mine to work in the music industry, particularly with regards to electronic music. There?s something about the culture and the energy behind the music that I connect with. My two passions are filmmaking and music production, and this weekend I got the opportunity to film Markus Schulz at WORLD Nightclub in Charlotte.Markus Schulz is a world renowned trance producer who was recently voted Americas Number #1 DJ. I?ve been a fan of his for a long time now and to be able to film this concert was amazing for me. One thing that I learnt immediately was that nightclub videography is not easy! It is so dark and there is so much going on that it makes it extremely difficult to expose shots. Throughout the evening my shots got better and better as I picked up some tricks to help with the light. Another thing I quickly realised is that if you?re holding a camera you suddenly become everyones best friend! Drunk people love a photo, even if that?s not what you?re there for. Hopefully I will get another opportunity to do this again and if I can make a career out of it then it would be a dream come true. Sunday December 2nd

Mumford & Sons Score #1
Mumford & Sons released their new album ?Delta? this past week and the album lives up to their previous high standards. The album has shot to the top of the Billboard 200 charts marking the bands third number one on the album charts. The new album continues the bands trend of soul-searching music. My personal favourite from the tracklist ?Guiding Light? is no different. They have always had the ability to captivate an audience with their unique sound. The success of this new album is going some way to establishing the band as one of the best, consistently achieving chart success. Their sound has changed slightly since the original days. This album is much calmer than original songs such as ?The Cave? which brought them fame. To achieve continued success with a new sound is a real testament to the band.November 25th

Why so much trap in the US?
I?ve been in Miami for Thanksgiving this year and one thing I was pumped for was the music! I always hear of top DJ?s performing at the biggest clubs in Miami and was desperate to check it out. Since I?ve been in the US I have seen so much Trap music it was driving me insane! Although it may have been a quieter week than usual in the city, Friday night was still a big one with Steve Aoki performing at Story Nightclub in South-beach. I was excited to hear some of what I call good music at this club. However, when I turned up once again it was just Trap music… The atmosphere was dead during this, most likely because people came to hear the EDM DJ play… EDM? To his credit the last hour of his set was unbelievable as he went back to playing his biggest hits, and surprise surprise, the atmosphere picked up to a crazy level. This begs the question, why the Trap? This is something you will rarely ever see at a gig in Europe. I understand that this is some of the most popular mainstream music in the US, but I believe it should be kept separate from other styles. Rant over! November 18th 2018

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