Trading Stock Options With Darvas Box Theory
Nicolas Darvas was a dancer who invented a trading system while traveling the world, and made over $2,000,000 in about 18 months. Keep in mind: this was in the late 1950’s! In today’s dollars (at 5% annual compounding), he made over $20,000,000. That system, the Darvas box theory, relies on a very simple technical analysis […]

Emini Scalping ? Why Some Traders Succeed and Others Don't When Scalping Index Futures
A great deal has been written about trading over the last ten years since online trading has increased exponentially, with there being no shortage of trading systems and methodologies utilized by individual traders. Although traders compete against others within the financial markets on a daily basis, trading itself is an individual occupation which will rapidly […]

Darvis Box Theory for E-Mini Trading
The original Darvis concept was a system for trading stocks developed in the 1950s by Nicholas Darvis, who had a unique career as a ballroom dancer of the highest order combined with a driving desire to be successful in the stock market. During my career I have seen this excellent indicator go in and out […]

Should I Invest or Day Trade?
People have been investing since the beginning of time. When one is investing, the “investor” supplies cash (capital) to help a business. The business in turn gives the investor an ownership stake in the business. When we’re talking stock and companies, this investment results in the investor receiving shares of the company. When one invests […]

The Absolute Basics Of Stock Investing
Probably the most lucrative, not to mention extremely risky, ways to enter into the market is through day trading investing. It has drawn many with its potential of huge income. It has helped most people make good fortunes in the money markets. Some people have lost their shirt. So if you are planning to take […]

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