There Are No Straight Lines in Our Bodies?So Why Are We Working Out Like There Are?
Try to find a straight line in your body.  You’d have to look pretty hard, and even then, you’d come up short.  The long femur (thigh) bone may seem like a straight line, but even these longer, seemingly straight bones have some level of torsion (twist) which affects how they function at the joints.  So […]

A Fluid Swing for a Lifetime of Golf
There are two main reasons golfers leave the game:  1) Injuries keep them from playing and/or 2) their level of play diminishes to a point where it?s no longer fun.  The body/swing connection impacts both, but there can be some confusion as to how to maximize it. I?ve been working with golfers and athletes at […]

Find Your Fountain of Youth with These Three Tips
If you could make yourself look and feel younger, would you know where to start?  It’s not rocket science, but a little effort in three key areas can go a long way.  The key is to reverse the effects that our 21st Century lifestyle has had on us. Here are my top three:  Improve ankle […]

Five Moves for a Healthy Golf Swing
Back pain is a common complaint amongst golfers.  However, many of the issues that feed into back pain will also feed into various golf swing faults. Within the FREE PainProof Golf Portal, you’ll find a 20 minute video that details five great moves I use with many of my golfers to keep them moving more efficiently […]

5 Tips to golf pain-free (and beat your friends in the process)
What?s suffering more, your golf game or your back? Did you realize that those pesky swing faults that your golf pro has been bugging you about may very well be directly related to how your body does (or doesn?t) move? Here are 5 key areas you, as a golfer, need to optimize to get the most out of […]

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